Sunflower Seeds 1Kg


  • Net Quantity: 1Kg
  • SKIN CARE: These are a rich source of minerals, especially magnesium which can be good in preventing several skin disorders by preventing the entry of foreign particles into the skin cells and tissues.
  • VITAMINS LOADED: Loaded with vitamin E, sunflower seeds can help in preventing the risk of cardiovascular diseases since it prevents the foreign particles from oxidising cholesterol.
  • DIET FOOD: Being low in calories, sunflower seeds can help in reducing the extra weight and avoid you from the intake of high calorie junk foods.
  • FIBRE RICH: Being a rich source of fibre, sunflower seeds provides a feeling of fullness which acts like a prebiotic, helping in keeping the gut clear thus promoting weight management.
  • STRESS BUSTER: Sunflower seeds also consists of tryptophan, which can be essential in soothing the nervous system and helping you in curing the problem of insomnia.
  • SLEEP CYCLE: Helps in relieving sleeping disorders.

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